Transparent Pricing

I take on a small number of freelance digital marketing clients at a time which ensures that each client receives the attention and care their business deserves. In addition, I offer a transparent pricing model. Transparent pricing allows clients to understand if digital marketing is within their budget. Whether you are just starting out or have an established digital marketing strategy, MF Digital Marketing can help ensure your success. However, the best way to determine what your specific needs are is to schedule an introductory call.

Pricing for Freelance Digital Marketing Services

One Time Audit of Current Digital Marketing Strategies

For example, this would be for clients with a current strategy that isn’t working to its full potential.

Includes a full audit of digital assets and an action plan for improvement.

$1500 flat rate

Creation of Complete Digital Marketing Plan

For example, this would be for clients with no current digital strategy and need guidance for implementing themselves.

Includes a robust plan of action to begin leveraging digital marketing assets to be implemented by your internal team.

$2500 flat rate

Creation of Plan with Implementation

For example, this would be for clients who need support both creating and implementing a plan.

Includes a full digital audit, implementing of all strategies, and routine optimization and reporting.

$2500 monthly for term of contract

Above all, your success is what is most important to me. Let’s discuss your needs and find the plan that is the right fit for you. Click below to schedule an initial meeting.

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