How Clients and I Work Together

The Mackenzie Farone Philosophy for Digital Marketing

As an entrepreneur, I understand how important it is to ensure that your company has the best chance for success. In the same way, I understand how success can happen with a strong digital marketing strategy. I am passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses that are owned and operated by women and/or minority owners. I love helping these businesses to compete with the ‘big boys’ in the digital space.

When I work with clients, I want to build a relationship that allows me to fully understand your goals and work towards your success just as hard as you do. My clients end up becoming my friends and I want to ensure that my focus is on you. I believe in only taking on a small number of clients at one time and having transparent pricing to help companies decide what will help them most while staying within their budget. To sum up, you can rest assured that my attention won’t be pulled away by larger clients with deeper pockets.

What’s important to me:
  • My client’s success and growth
  • My family and support system
  • Creating a robust digital marketing strategy
  • My physical health
  • Continued personal growth

“Mackenzie is a savvy marketer and a fantastic collaborator. Her digital marketing strategy for our business drove a 218% increase in new customers, month over month, from organic website traffic.”

– Emily Kane, COO of Flexable

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