Services Offered

Services offered by an SEO Consultant

MF Digital Marketing offers many different services depending on the needs of the client. From serving as an SEO Consultant to discussing an email marketing strategy, each client’s roadmap to success will look different. Each client will receive an intensive audit of their current digital marketing strategies and a customized plan to improve the efficacy and performance of your efforts. In the event that additional services are needed, that will be discussed.

Services offered by MF Digital Marketing:

Consulting Services:

Consulting services are perfect for clients that already have a digital marketing strategy in place that may not be performing as well as they would like. MF Digital Marketing will review your current strategies and provide a plan for improvement that your team can implement. Depending on the client’s need, the following services would be provided.

  • Email Marketing Consultation
  • SEO Consultant
  • AdWords/Pay-per-Click Strategy Review
  • Social Media Strategy
  • Social Media Advertising Strategy
  • Full digital strategy audit
  • Determination of KPI’s and necessary reporting

Digital Marketing Partnership:

A digital marketing partnership is perfect for clients who are at the very beginning of their digital marketing journey. To put it differently, they are looking for an SEO Consultant who will implement a strategy for them. Depending on the client’s need, the following services would be provided.

  • A robust digital marketing strategy and action plan
  • Creation of key performance indicators and analytics reporting
  • Setup and implementation of digital advertising strategies through AdWords
  • Setup and implementation of social media advertising strategies
  • Implementation of an SEO plan for your website based upon impactful keyword research

In Conclusion:

Above all, the happiness of the client is of the utmost importance to me. Equally important is the relationship we build and the success you see. Rather than work with a large agency, consider supporting a small business that keeps you top of mind. So, let’s work together and make your business a success!

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