Why Isn’t My Email Campaign Working?

A question I hear far too often is “why isn’t my email campaign working?” Email marketing is one of the standards of a digital marketing campaign but most emails are ignored or immediately deleted. You and your team work hard to create nice looking emails that you think will net you more sales, clicks, and web traffic. You launch that email campaign and don’t see results. But, why? In this blog, you can discover 5 reasons that your email campaign may not be working.

Five Potential Reasons Why:

  1. The messaging isn’t targeted. Emails are most likely to be opened when the content is important to the recipient. Every one of us get multiple emails from companies and brands per day and those that are targeted to our wants, needs, and interests are the ones that are opened.
  2. The offer isn’t strong enough. So, your email is targeted and your sending lists have been broken out to ensure that you are only sending emails to the right people. However, you still aren’t seeing the results you want when it comes to conversions. Consider that your offering isn’t strong enough.
  3. Emails are too frequent. While it seems counterintuitive, the more emails you send, the less your emails may be opened. Studies have shown that companies sending out too many emails, see less engagement and are more likely to unsubscribe from your email list. Click here to see other reasons people unsubscribe.
  4. Data isn’t be reviewed and used to change. Data is everything in digital marketing and it is one of the few things in the marketing world where we can make data-driven decisions. If you have email campaigns that are working well and others that aren’t, look at the data! What did recipients click on? How far did they scroll? When are the best days and times to send to get high open rates? As a result, this data can be used to optimize your email calendar.
  5. Your emails are being marked as SPAM. You can’t expect your emails to have an impact if they can’t reach your audience’s inbox. Above all, ensure you are following best practices when building and creating your email to avoid SPAM filters. Here are reasons that your emails may be marked as SPAM.

I would love to speak with you about your email marketing campaigns. We can work together to determine what improvements will help your business flourish. Contact me to discuss your needs.

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